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19 August 2020

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Smile Foundation Kenya

Smile Foundation Kenya

Smile Foundation Kenya (SFK) is a registered nonprofit organization that works with street children and families in Kenya, to better their lives with the aim of enabling them  to exit successfully from the streets. Founded in 2013, SFK provides children and families on the  street with innovative solutions such as: education and training opportunities; economic empowerment programs; access to quality healthcare; basic care and support; mentoring through organized street support groups and lobbying for their rights; among other interventions.

Our website is currently under construction. Please check out our social media handles (Facebook and Instagram) for the latest updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For all official correspondence, please reach out to us through our official email: info@smilefoundationkenya.com and/or smilefoundationkenya@gmail.com

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