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Feeding Program

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Street Soccer

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Health Care

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Child Care



Street Children Development program

This is an educational program designed to offer street children and street connected children an enjoyable learning experience through; educational films, basic literacy and numeracy, moral values, lifetime skills, hygiene, soccer, sports and team building activities, educational trips, art and craft,  performing arts, songs and dances, Basic service provision (e.g.  Literacy courses, food and clothes, medical and psycho-social support) provided at street level to aid children in making informed and confident decisions about their lives, some leaving the streets and becoming integrated in residential centers or reintegrated with their families

Reproductive Health

Second Chance Health Care Program covers a wide scope ranging from taking charge of peoples’ physical, mental, and social well being. For this particular project, we aim to teach, sensitize and address, sexuality, early pregnancies, and reproductive health issues faced by both young ladies and men between the ages of 12-25 years.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Sanitation is important as it helps promote better health and sanitation through the prevention of human contact with hazardous waste as well as the treatment that should be taken into proper consideration especially on the proper disposal of sewage or wastewater. Thus, this project comes in handy as personal hygiene been the individual concern of every community will help us promote personal responsibility with a vision to safeguard one’s health, to remain effective.

Medical Camp

As an outreach and recruitment exercise that we are implementing in our program, setting up Medical camps will be beneficial as this will aid in the provision of free medical treatment to families living in the street.


The Events project aims to bring together the people living in the streets with an objective of giving them hope.


The purpose of this project is to engage and encourage children living in the streets to participate regularly, in other activities such as sports which in turn will play a role in their lives by helping them gain confidence, social connections, improved health outcomes, develop new abilities and skills, self-esteem, confidence as well as gain a sense of purpose and identity.


This project involves offering specialized skills, training, and the acquisition of

knowledge in particular fields, especially for the people living in the streets. This project will be of benefit to them as they will be able to earn a sustainable living and become independent.

We aim to rehabilitate target beneficiaries and make them productive members of the society through giving them lifetime skills and by empowering them economically in skills/projects like handcraft, bead work, mart spinning, printing, tailoring & dressmaking, salon & beauty, motor engineering & panel beating, art & craft, carpentry & joinery, computer & secretarial, electrical & electronics, micro finance, brisket making, baking & catering, tourism & hospitality, mansion & artisan, plumbing & pipe fittings, motor vehicle driving and other income generating activities (IGAs)

Rehabilitation, Restoration and Housing

Through proper vindication of character and re-establishment of reputation for people living and working in the streets, this project aims to find solutions on how to stop drug abuse, reuniting children with their guardians, and establish the homes and shelters to curb homelessness.

Bins For Bread

Bins for Bread is a project that aims to engage people living in the streets in regular cleanups and garbage collection in estates within Nairobi. The initiative will directly involve people living in the streets who in turn will be paid for their service.

Sanitation and Valuable Recovery

The main objective of this project is to offer safe waste management practices e.g. sorting of plastics, scrap metal, organic matter, and valuable recovery.

Tree Planting

Environmental advancement will be an added advantage to this project as through this, we will be in a position to set up tree nurseries comprising of different species of tree seedlings that will be taken care of by people living in the streets, then planted in different places.


Clean up exercises aim to bring together the community, and other stakeholders, to help in cleaning the designated areas within the scope of our projects and programs



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