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Street Children Facts

Did you know?

Going to school make Street children feel sad.

Street Children are desperate of a mother's/ father's love.

Harsh family conditions make street children undisciplined and rebellious.

Parents and relatives abandon street children.

Street children do not know how it feels to be loved.

Friends wrongly influence street children.

Harsh living conditions and tough situations make street children engage into drugs and robbery.

Street children have no grownups to look up to and trust.

Street children do not know how to express themselves 

Street children need quality education

Street children need people who believe in them.

Parents to the street children often blame themselves for failing to take care of their children.

No person wants to be associated with street children and the homeless.

Street children have dreams they do not know about.

Street children run away from home because they feel rejected.

Street children's situations are not conducive for what you want for yourself.

If given a reason to dream and to believe, street children will achieve.


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